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Guided tour - registration

The registration will require you to fill in some basic information about yourself. This includes personal information like your email address, and also some settings so you can customize WatchThatPage for your needs.

The registration picture looks like this:

Registration picture sample

Information about you

Your user name is the same as your email address. If you want your changes by email, the changes are sent to this address. Use the user name when you log in to WatchThatPage at a later time, i.e. to update your profile, add new pages to watch or view your personal web pages with your changes.

You can also supply a user alias. The user alias can be used when you log in at a later time, instead of the full email address.

Configuring your updates

You can pick how often you want WatchThatPage to check your pages for changes. The options are daily, weekly or 'halt email updates'. If you choose to get updates weekly, you can select several days in the week, i.e. if you want updates Monday through Friday, but not in the weekend. If you prefer to view your changes only on your personal web pages, you can select 'halt email updates', and we will not send you any emails.

The email content selection is used to pick between two alternative ways to view your changes. By selecting 'Show me the changes', your changes will contain the new content of the pages you monitor. If you select 'Only show me which pages have changed', we will only show you which pages that did change, and leave it up to you to visit the pages and find the new information yourself.

From time to time WatchThatPage is unable to download the pages you are watching. If you want to know when this happens, select the 'Report broken pages' option, and a short message will be included in your changes.

You can add keyword matching by clicking the 'add keyword matching' button. Keyword matching enables you to filter out changes that meet some criteria set up by you. Read more about keyword matching.

When you have filled in all the information, press the Update button, and you will be taken to the 'page selection' page.

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