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Ads in WTP [17. August, 2004]

As WTP is run by two individuals who cover all running costs from their own pockets, it was decided to add Google Ads to cover some of the expenses. We are very grateful for the donations we have received, but as the running costs still are quite a bit larger than incoming donations, we had to do something to keep WTP free.

WTP featured on BBC World [24. April, 2004]

WatchThatPage is proud to be recommended in the profiled Internet magazine Click Online running on BBC World.
Read more on BBC World's pages about WatchThatPage.

Increased bandwidth [6. September, 2003]

Due to bandwidth problems from our servers to Internet, we have had problems to download pages. You have seen this in the pages we send to you as 'Could not download pages...'. Hopefully, this problem should now be fixed (until we get too many users .-)

HTTP link delimiter [16. October, 2002]

Some users have complained about brackets around HTTP links in the emails we send out. It seems like some browsers can't handle them, and it's not possible to click on them to go to that page. We have added an option where you can select to use <> or just space instead of the brackets.

There is a new button in Your Profile called 'Advanced Settings...'. Click on it and an Advanced Settings page will appear. Here you can select the HTTP link delimiter. Press Update both here and in Your Profile page. Next time WatchThatPage sends an email to you, the new delimiter will be used.

Update on demand [27. September, 2002]

We have the pleaseure to announce a major new feature to WatchThatPage, Update On Demand.

You are now in control of when WatchThatPage will check your pages for changes, enabeling you to get fresh changes at the time you read them. If you want all the latest changes delivered to your mailbox i.e. at 8 am, when you get to work, this is possible with the new feature. The latest version of the web pages you are watching are downloaded at the time of your choice, and the changes are delivered directly to you.

This is very handy if you track pages that contain 'fresh' information, like online news and magazines

Even better, you can also get several updates each day. If you want to have an update in the morning and another in the afternoon, you can do that. You can have up to 24 updates a day.

If you are using the WatchThatPage channels ( http://www.watchThatPage.com/channels.jsp ), you can set different update time (and frequency) for each individual channel.

You set the desired update time in Your Profile or, if you are using channels, in the properties for each channel.

New features, keyword matching and channels [6. August, 2002]

WatchThatPage is extended with two powerful new features, keyword matching and multi-channel capacity.

Keyword matching enables you to receive only changes that meets some criteria set by you. You set up the criteria much like the advanced search in the Google search engine. With the new keyword matching ability you can also specify if you want to get all changes on a web page on a successful match, or only individual paragraphs that match in the page.

Read more about keyword matching

The concept of channels enables you to divide your pages into several groups, where each group will be presented in a separate email and/or personal web page. This makes it possible to sort your changes into different channels based on importance or content type.

Each channel can also have different properties, so some channels can have keyword matching and daily reports, while others can be checked three times a week and report all changes. You can also specify the email subject field for the different channels.

Read more about channels.

In addition there have been several minor updates, like a new online help system, bug fixes etc.

Awards and feedback page [24. May, 2002]

We are from time to time given awards for our site from external sources, and have now collected them in a separate page. Here we have also collected some of the nice words we have received from our users.

Feel free to send us feedback for things you like and dislike. We are always looking for new quotes to have on our feedback pages.

Web servers stolen [22. Nov. 2001]

Somebody broke into our offices during nighttime and stole our servers. This lead to a downtime for our services between Thursday and Saturday. We apologize for this to our users.

WatchThatPage launched [19. Oct. 2001]

After an extensive test period with 50 testers, WatchThatPage is now officially launched. New web servers are ready to serve anyone out on the net that want to handle the information flow in an easier way. Read our press release in the press center.