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Guided tour - add pages
When you have registered, you can access 'Your pages'. Here you can add or remove pages that you want to monitor. To organize your pages, you can also create folders. You can also create several channels to organize your pages into separate emails/personal web pages.

Adding pages to watch

To add a page to your profile, simply type the URL in the 'Add page' field (with or without the http:// ), and press the 'Add' button. If you want the page to be part of a specific folder, select the folder from the drop down menu.

There might be a small delay as we download the page. If you have inserted an invalid address, or the page is inaccessible to us, an error message will be displayed.

You can also add pages by adding a special bookmark or button to your browser. This enables you to add pages to your profile while you are surfing the Internet. You can read more about this here.

Organizing your pages into folders

Add a folder by typing in a name in the 'Add folder' field, and press the 'Add' button. If you want to place a new folder in an existing folder, select the target folder in the folder drop down list.

Editing your pages and folders

You can move or delete pages and folders by clicking in the small box behind the page or folder. Multiple pages or folders can be selected simultaneously. Click the 'Delete selected' to permanently remove the selected items. Click 'Move selected' to move (reorganize) them, after first having selected the target folder for the move.

Opening and closing folders

Folders can be opened or closed by clicking the folder icon. This makes it easier to navigate when your profile contains many pages. You can also expand (open) or collapse (close) all folders by pressing the 'Expand all' or 'Collapse all' buttons in the menu bar.

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