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Report problematic pages - step 1 of 3

If you experience any pages where the differences sent to you are not correct, you can use this wizard to report, and hopefully fix the problem.

The wizard asks you to identify your problem among a set of known problematic areas. If you experience any of these problems, please mark the page as problematic and we will automatically fix this. Otherwise you are asked to report the problem to our webmaster, who will look into the problem for you.

The reason most of these problems occur, is that the program that calculates the differences are sometimes not smart enough to remove garbage or unnecessary items from the pages. With your help, the program will know what to look for.

Problematic page
Choose the kind of problem you see
No real change
  The reported change is really just information about the current time or the number of users online. As long as this is the only information that changes, the page should not be included in the reported changes.
Everything is reported as changed

Even if nothing or very little has changed, everything on a page is reported as changed content. The reason is most likely that the webserver inserts a random sessionid or another changing element in the links.

No differences are reported even if there are real changes.

The most likely problem is that the page you are monitoring is loading the real content through a script.


If you cannot find your problem in the above list, please mail us at . Include a reference to the problematic page, and a description of the problem, and we will look at it as soon as we can.