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Keyword matching

You can use keyword matching to filter the changes that are relevant to you. Changes not meeting your keyword match criteria are not included in your email or your personal web page containing the changes.

Keyword matching is very useful when you are looking for specialized information. If you are only looking for news where a certain name occurs, i.e. your company name, you can enable keyword matching.

Using keyword matching you also have an option for what to match; the whole page or every individual paragraph. (A paragraph is everything that is collected between two blank lines in your changes. Have a look at the bottom of this help page for examples).
If you choose the whole page, WatchThatPage will try to match your criteria for all the changes on the pages you are tracking. If a match is found, all changes for the page are sent to you. If you choose each paragraph, all the changes for each page will be divided into separate paragraphs, and matching will be done for each paragraph separately. Only the paragraphs that match your criteria will be sent to you.

Add keyword matching to your profile or your channel by clicking the 'Add keyword matching' button. This will reveal the options you can set for the keyword matching. In addition to the option of matching the whole page vs. individual paragraphs, as described above, there are 4 text input fields: 'With all the words', 'With the exact phrase', 'With some of the words', and 'Without the words'.

The rules for matching are pretty simple. If 'With the exact phrase' matches, there is a match, even if the 'Without the words' match in any way. If any of the words in 'Without the words' is contained in the changes, there is no match. Otherwise we will match the 'With all the words' and the 'With some of the words' which should be straightforward to understand.

If there are no words in any of the 4 input fields, keyword matching is considered off.

The matching words must match exactly, meaning the matching algorithm is not clever enough to sort out word endings like 'all the computers'. Here the search term 'computer' will not match. We will look into ways to do this more properly in the future, but you just have to live with this for now.

Removing keyword matching is very simple. Just click the 'remove keyword matching' button in your profile or properties (if you are having multiple channels). WatchThatPage will remember your settings, so if you enable keyword matching again, your previous settings will be restored.

What is a paragraph?

A paragraph is all text that is collected between two blank lines in your changes. In the following example there are two paragraphs (in addition to the header)

Differences in page http://java.sun.com

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