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Terms and conditions

These are the terms and conditions between WatchThatPage.com and its creators and maintainers, ATS Consulting AS (hereafter called the providers), and the users of the WatchThatPage services (hereafter called users).


These terms and conditions might change at any time. For any practical changes that effect the users, the users will receive an update per email.

Privacy Statement

Users that register in the WatchThatPage portal must leave an email address, their name and country of residence. The providers ensure that this information is not given to any third party. As the service is free, the providers might add commercial information in the emails the users receive with their update. This information might contain information about other WatchThatPage services or products, or any external service or product. The providers will make sure that this information is short, and will not include any unsuitable content like sexual, racial, hate or related elements.


The providers are not responsible for the contents of the web pages monitored through the WatchThatPage portal. The user must make sure that the content of the pages he or she is monitoring is legal in the user's country of origin.

Professional and heavy users

Users that use WatchThatPage for professional reasons, like collecting information from a large number of web pages and sells content or information based on this, are expected to pay a yearly fee to WatchThatPage. The same is expected for any user that monitors a large number of pages, or have frequent updates on pages. The expected contribution is individually set, but is based on the number of page downloads in a week. I.e. if you have 100 pages that you check 4 times a day, 7 days a week, WatchThatPage will download 2800 web pages for you (100*4*7). WatchThatPage will contact such users to make a fair deal. If no such deal can be agreed, WatchThatPage can close a users account after two email warnings to the user. Let it be noted that this has still not happend.



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