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Webmaster program


Increase stickiness to your site!

Stickers available.

Keep your customers and visitors updated! Add a WatchThatPage sticker to your pages, and let your users have the ability to get notified when the pages change.

Use our pre-made stickers, or make your own to better match the style and colors for your site. You can download our stickers in different versions. Your choices are listed on the right of this page.You are free to edit the colors and layout of the stickers. We would be happy if you have the name WatchThatPage.com on at least one of the stickers, preferably the one at your front page.

You can use any number of stickers, and it is free of charge!

Read more about stickers.

Premium service

You can register as a webmaster in our server, and get more information about the interest for your site.

As a registered webmaster you can list a whole site or some web pages that we will email you statistics about. The statistics include the number of users watching your page, and we will keep you updated on the number of users that gets update emails about changes in your pages (some users want daily updates, others want updates at other rates).

You can only monitor a page or site that you belong to. This means that you must have a user name that matches the page or site. I.e. you@company.com cannot monitor www.competitor.com, but can monitor www.company.com.

If you already have registered as a user, you can use your current account to register as a webmaster. You can also register a new account for the webmaster. Remember that the username (email address) must be unique for each account.

Login and register as a webmaster on my current account>>

Register a new webmaster account >>


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Remember, you can design your own sticker, to better fit the design of your site!