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Guided tour - channels

About channels

Channels are a way to organize and structure the pages you are watching.

A channel is a collection of pages that have the same properties. The changes will be sent to you in the same mail. They have the same update rate. If you enable keyword matching, the same match will be done for all the pages within the same channel. You can say that using channels is like having many watchThatPage profiles at the same time. You can read more about channels on this page.

You don't have to use channels, but they can be very helpful to organize your changes, if you track many pages.

Adding a new channel

Click the 'Add new channel' button to add another channel. You must give it a unique name. In the new channel, you can add pages and folders just like before, but these pages can have different properties (update rate, keyword matching etc.) than pages in other channels. Changes in these pages will also be delivered in a separate email/separate personal web page, making it easy for you to sort content on i.e. importance or topic.

Setting properties for a channel

Before you started using channels, you configured your update preferences in your profile. When you have more than one channel, these properties are set per channel, as you might want to have different update rate, keyword matching etc. for the different channels. Clicking the 'Edit properties' link will bring you to a window where you can set the properties for the channels.

In the properties window, you can specify the subject field in the email sent to you. This is handy when you want to be able to sort the different updates you get from WatchThatPage.

Moving between channels

You can switch between your channels by selecting the desired channel name in the menu list at the top of the page.

You can also move pages and folders between channels by using the 'Move to new channel' button. Here a wizard will guide you through the process.

Changing and deleting channels

You can edit the name of a channel by pressing the 'Edit name' button. The new name must be unique.

You can also delete a channel by pressing the 'Delete channel' button. All pages in this channel will be removed from your profile.

Channel overview

In your profile window, there will be a list of all your channels. For each channel, the most important properties will be listed. From the list you can follow links to view the different channels, or to enter the 'edit properties' window for the channels.

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