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Guided tour - watching the changes
If you have enabled the email option in your profile, you will receive your changes by email at the pace you selected in the profile. If there are no changes, we will not send you any email. You can always watch your changes on your personal web page.

We will always collect all the changes from all your pages into one email or personal web page. If you use channels, you will get one email and personal web page for each channel.

Each page that did have a change, will be presented with a special header. The content will only contain the new text, and any markups (font colors, size etc) are removed. All links that are mentioned in the text will be listed after the text, making it easy for you to visit any areas of interest.

In your personal web pages there is also a shortcut menu on the right side of the page, where you can quickly scroll down to any page that had a change.

You can also view your changes for other dates. Just insert the date at the top of the page and press the 'View' button. Due to disk space we only keep a history for about a week.

If you use channels, you can select the channel to view the changes for at the top of the page

This is the end of the guided tour. Here are some good places to visit now:

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