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WatchThatPage - an intelligent information service

What can you monitor? Any page you can read in your browser, we can monitor for you. Examples might be

  • News and Internet magazines. Get the new information extracted for you so you can read it in one go. Get only the new articles, so you will waste no time scanning articles you already have read.
  • Partners. See if your partners release information you should know about.
  • Competitors. Check if your competitors are up to something.
  • Your own company. Does another division release information you should be aware of?
  • Work. Technology? Economics? Whatever you do, there are pages that contain valuable information for you.
  • After hours. Does your favorite gaming site release new games? Any news on the pet page? Be sure to get the information brought to you.

As a registered user, you can set up your preferences for the notification. There are several options for both the frequency and content in the notification. Here are some highlights

  • Channels. Get all new content in one email/personal web page, or separate them into several different ones with the subject field defined by you. Read more about this in the channels section.
  • Update rate. Specify how often you want email updates. Daily? Mondays and Wednesdays? Or none at all (you only want to view the changes on your personal web page).
  • Configurable content. You can get all the new content delivered to you, or you can be told which pages have changed.
  • Keyword matching. Enable keyword matching if you are looking for specific information. Keyword matching can be set up to match all changes in a page, or individual paragraphs. Read more about keyword matching.
You can read more about all the options in the next section, or learn more about them in our guided tour.

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Webmaster program

If you are a webmaster somewhere, you can get additional services from WatchThatPage.

Let us watch your site!

As a webmaster you can use our stickers to let your customers get notified when changes occur on your site. It is free.

Webmaster statistics

You can register as a webmaster and we will send you information about the interest for your site.

Read more about webmaster services