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WatchThatPage offers a free service to anyone having web pages on the Internet. A sticker is a mechanism to offer your users to monitor changes on your pages. The sticker is visible at your page, and contain a small form that enables the user to monitor your page through WatchThatPage.

When a user clicks on the sticker, she will be taken to the WatchThatPage server. If the user is already registered at the server (we use cookies for this), the server will add your page to the user's profile, and return to your page. If the user is not recognized by the server, she will be asked to log in or register. After that your page will be added to the user's list, and the user will be returned to your page.

The sticker comes as a downloadable package with the html code, images and installation tips. You are free to alter the design of the sticker to better fit the style of your site.

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