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WatchThatPage is developed, supported, and maintained by a group of dedicated individuals working on the site in their spare time. All expenses for hardware and Internet connection are paid for by this group. Due to the steadily increasing demand for the WatchThatPage service, we periodically have to extend the number of servers and upgrade our lines. Unfortunately, our group can no longer afford to cover these expenses from members' personal accounts. We must appeal to our site users for help. Please consider a modest donation to keep this service running.

Get PRIORITY by donating USD 20 (or 10£, 15€). There is normally a heavy load on our servers due to many users. Donate USD 20 or more and you will get priority for a whole year. This means that your changes will be processed before anybody elses! This will mean that you will get your changes at the time you specify in your profile (or channel). Please note that the processing of transactions take a couple of days, so you might not see the effect immediately. Users that have donated less than this amount the last 3 months might make another donation to reach 20 USD. Send us an email to notify us, and you will get priority as well!

Your donation can be arranged through a credit card or a PayPal account. Please note that PayPal is our clearance company for all transactions, including credit card transactions, but you don't need a PayPal account to donate. Further down this page is a description for how to donate through a credit card. You can also donate from your PayPal account, if you wish to.

If you need a receipt better than the one from PayPal, send us an email , and we will send you a receipt with text suitable for you.

Thank you for supporting us!

Help us keep this service running!


Credit Card donations

Insert the amount and currency you want to donate in the Donate box above. Click on the Go button.

You are transfered to a secure PayPal server. You will see a page with a section 'Don't have a PayPal account?' with a Continue button. Press this button.

You are on the 'Billing Information' page. Insert all fields that are not marked optional, and press the 'Continue Checkout' button

You are on the 'Make Your Payment' page. Verify that the information is correct, and press the 'Pay' button.

You have completed your donation. Thanks! You can now return to WatchThatPage.


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