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Cookies and security

WatchThatPage uses cookies to store information about your WatchThatPage account. This is used when you i.e. add pages while you are surfing.

If you have disabled cookies in your browser, or if the privacy settings for the cookies are too strict, you might experience problems when you want to access your personal pages, like your profile, your pages or your changes.

Depending on the browser you are using, and the version of this browser, here are some ways to set up the settings to work for WatchThatPage:

Internet Explorer 5.0

In the menu Tools, select Alternatives for Internet.

Select Security, then Internet, and the Own defined level.

Activate the selections under Cookies.

Internet Explorer 6.0

(under verification)

Select Privacy, then under Cookies, make sure that cookies are activated, and that the privacy level is set no higher than medium high.

Netscape 6

Select Edit in the menu, select Preferences.

Select Privacy and Security, and under Cookies, choose Enable all cookies.


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